Customized Investment Programs
for Credit Unions and their Members

Member-first Mindset and the Investment Program to Make it Happen

Member-first mentality

Credit Unions are unique because we share a member-first approach. Other financial institutions…not so much. Our comprehensive investment program was built to provide an unmatched experience to members at ALL life stages.

  • Service-focused back office
  • Single sign-on client portal connected to your online banking
  • Ability to deliver 360 member views
  • A powerful advisor experience to match
Aggregate portfolio view through single sign-on
End-to-end online application process

Best-in-class technology

No more software systems that don’t talk to each other. No more hacked together legacy systems. No more “because that’s the way we’ve always done it.” Introducing a brand new proprietary technology stack built specifically for financial advisors at credit unions.

    • State-of-the-art practice management tools
    • Fully integrated technology suite
    • Secure data architecture
    • Single, cloud-based platform with a 360 degree view

Services to Match

Our comprehensive investment program goes beyond technology. In fact, that is just the beginning. Our back office will serve as your back-office allowing your advisors to invest their time and resources into member relationships…not paperwork, compliance, and minutiae!

  • Full clearing and custodial services
  • Plug-and-play back office solution
  • Streamlined regulatory compliance
  • Trust services

Blueprint to Success

Our investment program goes well beyond technology. In fact, that is just the beginning. We will provide you with a customized blueprint to success.

Finding a partner who has actually built an investment program from the “inside” and is willing to invest the time in your program is difficult. Our program includes direct guidance and oversight from an executive team who has walked in your shoes. Let us show you the way!

Flexible Ways to Offer Investments

Every credit union is different which is why our investment program was built to accommodate multiple ways to offer investments and advice.

1. Dual Employee

Enable your registered representative to offer investment services at your credit union through CommunityAmerica.

2. Managed Program

A turn-key solution that allows you to offer your credit union members financial planning and investment services.

3. Hybrid RIA

We can serve as your broker-dealer AND pull your RIA activity into our platform giving you one place to manage investments.

4. Clear-through Broker / Dealer

Already have a broker/dealer? Talk to us about our full suite of clear-through options from backoffice to technology.

All-in-One Integrated Solution

Our platform is packaged with the integrations you need for a seamless workflow.